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主要区别是含义不同.1、by heart 意思是凭记性,牢记,凭记忆.[例句] But I don't need to read them because I know it by heart. 但是我不需要读出来因为我已经深深的刻在我的心里了.2、at heart 意思是在内心,在心里,本质上.[例句] He

用心 专心的意思

heart 是心脏,心的意思.

by heart 记住,记牢 with heart 用心in heart 在心中at heart 在内心,本质上

歌曲名:Heart by Heart 歌手:Susumu Yokota 专辑:Laputa Backstreet Boys---Back To Your Heart Its not that I cant live without you Its just that I dont even want to try Every night I dream about you Ever since the day we said goodbye If I wasnt such

Heart By Heart选自:电影《圣杯神器:骸骨之城》中文名称:心连心 外文名称 Heart By Heart所属专辑:The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 发行时间:2013-08-20歌曲原唱:Demi Lovato When your soul

用心,比如:learn something by heart就是用心学习的意思

by heart就是用心,learn sth by heart 是用心去学.不是听说吧,“听说”应该是'heard of''be told'之类的吧.

歌曲名:By Heart歌手:Jim Brickman专辑:By Heart-= Laura Creamer 《 By Heart 》=-……杭州 > Pub 1991 < 棒儿……Hold me close, baby pleaseTell me anything but that you're gonna leaveAs I kiss this fallen tearI promise you I will be hereUntil


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