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figures ['figs] n. 价格,金额,[数] 数字;人物(figure的复数);[数] 图形,图表;规定动作

once ,while riding a street car in Berlin,Einstein told the conductor that he hadn't given him the right change .The conductor counted the change again and found it to be correct,so he handed it back to Einstein,saying ,"The trouble with you is ,you


figures 英 ['fgs] 美 ['fgs] n. 人物;轮廓;身形;雕像;数字( figure的名词复数 );算术;图解;轮廓

figures的中文意思是:数据 举个例子:collect figures of customer 收集顾客的数据

location 位置 strange 陌生的 Italy 意大利 buses 公共汽车(复数形式) figures 图形,人物,数字(复数形式)

a figure of merit is a quantity used to characterize the performance of a device, system or method, relative to its alternatives. in engineering, figures of merit are often defined for particular materials or devices in order to determine their relative utility

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